Mechanics, Automation, Robotics, 4.0, Electrical

A multidisciplinary team for you!

Whether you have specific needs or a global project, our engineering team can help you. With a team of experienced engineers and technicians, we can meet your needs in mechanics, automation, industrial computing or robotics. Whether your needs are on solving a complex problem requiring an expert or rather on the design and complete certification of a line of equipment, our dedicated team will be able to respond to it.

Mechanical engineering

Our mechanical engineering team is particularly focused on industrial projects, ranging from the optimization or design of production equipment, conveyors, conveyors and falls and mechanically welded structures. More specifically, we specialize in the design of lifting equipment, platforms & mezzanine and design for industrial projects.

Automation & Robotics

STIM engineering members work hard on your automation and robotics projects, whether it’s to support your existing team, optimize existing equipment, or take on a complete project, our team will be able to We are able to cover the following services:

  • Design and certification of automated systems and robotic cells (standard or collaborative)
  • Optimization of existing equipment
  • Adapted training in companies directly on equipment
  • PLC / HMI programming and technical support (Allen Bradley, Omron, Siemens, Schneider, Mitsubishi, etc.)
  • Design of electrical cabinets

Industrial Computing and Development 4.0

With its industrial computer team, STIM can help you make the leap into the 4.0 era, whether your project is to connect your production floor with your management system or bring your fleet of equipment to a technology. 4.0, we are able to help you! Our dedicated team can help you as much in the planning of your project as the realization of it, while guiding you through the various stages of a transition to the project. 4.0 era.

  • PC / PLC communication (Management system and production equipment)
  • Software development and customized reports
  • Infrastructure Implementation Support for 4.0 “Production

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