Mechanically welded, machining and assembly

Design and manufacturing

Always in search of optimal design and manufacturing solutions, at STIM inc., We have the personnel and the expertise to design, manufacture, maintain and install everything related to production equipment such as: machine, conveyors, manipulators, security guards, assembly tables, production templates, etc.

In addition, we are always ready to take on new challenges. Whether in design and manufacturing, as in the assembly of mechanically-welded products, we manufacture equipment that complies with each of your specifications. We specialize in equipment using standard steel, stainless steel and aluminum, and we use industrial manufacturing standards to deliver the highest quality products as quickly as possible.

We have a 20,000 square foot factory to offer a flexible and customized service. We are also preparing prototypes.

Mechanically welded

STIM specializes in the manufacture of mechanically welded joints and the machining thereof. We also have the ability to certify these and lift tests on lifting equipment. We work as much with our customers to manufacture products on their plans as on products designed at STIM according to the needs of our customers.


STIM can help you in the mechanical assembly of your products and prototypes. With our team specialized in industrial maintenance, we will be happy to work on your projects and make them successful!

Control panel and machine cover

STIM has a panel assembly shop and can certify panels manufactured according to the Ulc standard. In addition, STIM is able to make the electrical cladding of your projects, be it your coception or ours.

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