Industrial maintenance

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A partner who lives up to your expectations

By doing business with STIM Inc., you choose a company and an experienced, specialized and enthusiastic team. Our true passion is industrial mechanics. Whether in the context of scheduled shutdowns on your production equipment or complex projects, all our expertise will be made available to the full realization of your work, your projects and the achievement of your most important goals. important. We have the ability to offer an excellent level of collaboration with your maintenance and engineering departments. Whether as part of a planned installation, project, refurbishment or maintenance shutdown, we are committed to maximizing your production capacity and, as a result, your profitability. We are also to help you manage your maintenance or even take full responsibility.


The STIM team proposes to take charge of the management of your projects.With our experience in all types and sizes of projects, we are ready to support you and make your projects successful:

  • Major repairs and maintenance
  • Equipment or factory installation
  • Relocation of equipment or factory
  • Turnkey project

Maintenance during planned or emergency shutdowns

STIM specializes in scheduled shutdown maintenance and our teams are ready to join your maintenance team to make your planned shutdowns a success.

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Planned shutdown, emergency call
  • Outsourcing of staff

Maintenance management

STIM offers maintenance management services. Whether it is to help you plan your maintenance activities or to take full charge of your maintenance, STIM is available to meet you and discuss your needs.

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